Climate Pledge Arena

Ice Seats at Climate Pledge Arena

Features & Amenities

The Ice Seats at a Seattle Kraken game are located in the first two rows of select lower level sections. These are coveted glass seats that run along both sides of the ice.

There are four Ice Seats sections. On the East side (player benches side) are Northeast and Southeast Ice Seats. On the penalty box side are Northwest and Southwest Ice Seat sections. Row AA is the first row in each section and is directly on the glass.

Because of their location near the ice, benches and penalty boxes, most fans consider these the best seats at a Kraken game.

Amenities available for hockey games. For other events, some amenities may not be available or offered.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2022, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Hockey Ice Seats Seating Chart at Climate Pledge Arena

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