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Where Are the Best Cheap Tickets for Super Bowl XLIX?

Published Jan 26, 2015 / by Keith Hanson

2015 Super Bowl Tickets Averaging $3,000-$3,500 Per Ticket

Speculation of buyer fatigue and general disinterest from this year's Super Bowl fan bases has proven to be greatly over-estimated. While ticket prices opened the week at a substantial discount compared to last year, the average ticket price for this year's game is now 20-25% higher than last year. Even the cheapest tickets are listed at more than $2,500 (based on our inventory Friday morning).

So what exactly are you getting for your $2,500? Are there any hidden gems amongst the 'cheap seats'?

The Average Cheap Seat

Seats in Row 23 of Upper Level
The cheapest tickets are high up in 400 level sections - like the last row in Section 445

Here's what the 20 cheapest Super Bowl tickets currently listed on our site look like:

  • Two (2) of them are on the Lower Level in temporary Super Bowl-only seating (flashback to Cowboys Stadium temporary Super Bowl seating)
  • Seventeen (17) of them are in Row 20 or above in a 400 Level section
  • One lone ticket is a sideline seat (at about the goalline) in Section 439, Row 18

Upper Level Corner Sweet Spots

View From Section 436 Row 11
Aisle seats in the middle rows of a corner section - like Section 436 Row 11 - provide the best value

If you're on a budget, it's probably obvious by now that you'll be sitting in the 400 level. That doesn't have to be all bad though! To get the most bang for your buck, here's what we recommend:

  • For the best views of the big scoreboard, choose corner sections on the North and West Side (419-437)
  • Low corner rows (1-10) are better than high sideline rows (20+) where the stairs are steep and plentiful
  • Corner sections can have up to 25 seats per row - choose aisle seats, when possible, to avoid climbing over fans on your way in and out
  • Take advantage of our SeatScoreā„¢ technology to ensure yourself the best cheap seat

If you haven't secured tickets yet, we encourage you to browse listings on our Super Bowl XLIX tickets page. Compare SeatScoresā„¢, see your seats before you buy and read reviews from other fans.

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