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All Qualcomm Stadium Tips & Policies

  • Use the San Diego Metropolitan Transportation System (MTS) via the trolley and bus to get to Qualcomm.
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  • Bags under 12 inches by 12 inches by inches are allowed in the stadium.
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  • Gates open two hours before kickoff.
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  • All guests regardless of age must show an ID when purchasing alcohol.
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  • Re-entry into the stadium is not allowed; you leave, you're gone for good.
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  • Tune your radio to Rock 105.3 if you want to listen to the Chargers game.
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  • Taxis are located on San Diego Mission Road outside the main gate.
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  • To reserve a large tailgating space during Charger games contact (619) 285-9392.
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  • Want a professional caterer for your tailgate? Contact Centerplate-Cassie McCoy at (619) 641-6004.
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  • Tailgaters wishing to bring in a keg must get a permit and proof of insurance.
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