Section 124, Row 1, Seat(s) 5

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"Close In, Exposed To Elements, Lots of Traffic"


Section 125, Row 20, Seat(s) 1-4 (aisle)


Mixed bag-- mostly positive. Seats are in direct sun for day games and anywhere until 4th-6th inning for midsummer eve/night games. Middling-low probability for foul balls-- one came two seats away on a bounce once. But be alert, as there is usually at least one foul ball a game within a section's width of the seats. Good view, particularly of middle infield and left fielder. But you will miss stuff going into the left field corner.

Direct view is just behind first base-- only a slight pivot to right gets battery view. Regular vendor route and you're on the aisle. Downside is when they stop nearby for transactions your view of the pitcher and batter is obstructed; it happens at least once a game. Similar situation with rude/clueless fans moving in aisles/rows during action. Close to a main, basic concession stand and a men's restroom at the main concourse level. A few specialty concessions are within three sections of 125. Section is in a nice midway location between Gate 14 and the turn to the leftfield (near the light rail stop).

"Smell the turf!"


Section 101, Row 14, Seat(s) 20 19 18 17


Great seats. I would surely pick them again. May be a little tough with young kids under 7 to see even though seat 20 was the aisle seat. I'd sit here again!

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