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Section 133S, Row 10, Seat(s) 2

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The Scout Seats at U.S. Cellular Field are far and away the best seats I've ever been in -- at any stadium. Sitting directly behind home plate affords you a view of the entire field and allows you to see movement on breaking balls. In addition, the umpires walk through the same tunnel you walk through and the visitors locker room is on the other side of a rope underneath the seats. Before the game you're likely to see opposing players stretching and talking mere inches away from you. The ticket also game with a pregame buffet, unlimited drinks before and during the game. Free hot dogs and peanuts tossed liberally to anyone at anytime. Free ice cream throughout the game and more. I was fortunate enough to find two seats for a Saturday night at $125 apiece and I would do it again in a second.

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