Section 103, Row 3, Seat(s) 1

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Amazing view

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  • watching the game
  • bringing the family
  • being close to the action
  • partying/socializing
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  • opposing team's fans

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"10 yardline seats, home side"


Section 146 (aisle)


excellent field view. Seats are high enough to see all the action while still being close to everything. They are on the aisle so convenient to restrooms and snack bar. Lines are seldom long. Giant scoreboard to your left provides easy view of replays. Fans are amazing, friendly and spirited.

"Great view! Close to the action and jumbo screen is on this end for replays! Excellent!"


Section 147, Row 20, Seat(s) 19


Lower level seats that you can access for ground level. Also great that the jumbo screen is in the corner right beside for replays if the action is on the other end of the field. Only down side is the entire crowd does stand in this section and you are in the sun for the entire game if start time is noon. No problem for games later in the season as it cools off. Its also quite crowded if you are big and tall. No different from any other stadium though.

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