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 Indoor/Outdoor Club II

Located along the east sideline on the highest level of seating is the Indoor/Outdoor Club II seating location. This location is right behind the Outdoor Club seating location, meaning it is slightly farther away from the field. There are indoor and outdoor seating options within this location. The indoor options are clustered near the 50 yard line in sections 408-412, while the outdoor seating choices are in sections 401-407 and 413-419. The main difference between the indoor seats and the outdoor seats is that the inside is climate controlled with theater style seats. The outdoor seats have chairbacks as well, but they are not as nice as those located inside. In addition, both of these types of seating get special amenities for being on the club level such as access to the club lounge and availability of upscale cuisine and beverage options. The view from these seats is not bad from behind the sideline, but they are some of the farthest seats from the action. These sections are very small with 4-5 numbered rows each.

Michigan Stadium Section 409 Seating Rows Layout

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Staff Recommendations

Consider Section 409 if you want to impress a guest at a Michigan Game

  • Indoor club seating
  • Climate controlled with theater style seats
  • Club level amenities including lounge access and upscale dining options

Section 409 FAQ

  • Q:Is Section 409 at Michigan Stadium a good place to sit?

    Section 409 is one of the best sections to sit in for impressing a guest for Michigan Games. Section 409 is known for its special benefits and amenities as part of Michigan Stadium club seating. The Jack Roth Stadium Club is divided into a First and Second level on the East sideline of Michigan Stadium. Sections 301-317 comprise the first level and feature 1,900 outdoor club seats and an interior lounge with restrooms and concession areas for club patrons. Outdoor club seating will feature chairback seats, cup holders and ample legroom. Sections 401-419 make up the second level of the Jack Roth Stadium Club and feature both indoor (sections 408-412) and outdoor (sections 401-407 and 413-419) club seats and a lounge with restrooms and concession areas for club patrons. Second level indoor club seats will be cushioned theater seats located behind glass windows, which will shelter fans from inclement weather. The second level outdoor club seats will be identical to the outdoor club seats on the first level. The view from Section 409 is among the best in the stadium because it is at midfield.

  • Q:How many rows are in Section 409 at Michigan Stadium?

    There are 5 rows of seating in Section 409 at Michigan Stadium. The rows are labeled 1-5.

  • Q:What is the first row in Section 409 at Michigan Stadium?

    Row 1 is the first row in Section 409 at Michigan Stadium.

  • Q:Where is Section 409 at Michigan Stadium?

    Section 409 is one of 19 sections located in Indoor/Outdoor Club II seating at Michigan Stadium. This seating zone is located on Level 3 at Michigan Stadium.

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