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 Outfield Pavilion

The Outfield Pavilion is best for fans that want to have a chance at catching a home run ball and don't mind sitting in the sun for most of the day. Even numbered sections 302-316 are located on the right field side behind the outfield wall and are an all you can eat seating section, offering unlimited limited Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn and soft drinks. Odd numbered sections 301-315 are located beyond the outfield wall in left field, and will not get as much sun as those sitting in right field. Most of these sections contain 24 rows of seats with 18 seats in each row. The closer rows to the outfield wall are sometimes referred to as VIP as they are closer to the field. Seating in these sections is bleacher style with a single continuous bench in each row and section, but does provide a back bench that will save you from having to lean forward for all 9 innings.


Staff Recommendations

Avoid Section 309 if you're bringing the family

  • Hot in the sun with no overhanging protection
  • Far from concession options
  • Long walk to get to restrooms

Section 309 FAQ

  • Q:Is Section 309 at Dodger Stadium a good place to sit?

    Section 309 should be avoided if you're bringing the family.

  • Q:How many rows are in Section 309 at Dodger Stadium?

    There are 25 rows of seating in Section 309 at Dodger Stadium. The rows are labeled A-H, J-Z.

  • Q:What is the first row in Section 309 at Dodger Stadium?

    Row A is the first row in Section 309 at Dodger Stadium.

  • Q:Where is Section 309 at Dodger Stadium?

    Section 309 is one of 16 sections located in Outfield Pavilion seating at Dodger Stadium. This seating zone is located on Level 1 at Dodger Stadium.

  • Q:What is the view like from Section 309 at Dodger Stadium?

    See what the view is like from Section 309 at Dodger Stadium and view in-seat photos of Section 309 by browsing the gallery photos above.

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