Field Level Infield seating provides great lower level views of the action in the infield between first and third base. Sections 2-24 (even numbered only) on the first base side are located behind the dugout club seats, as are sections 1-25 (odd numbered only) on the third base side. Sections 26-38 (even numbers) extend all the way to down the field on the first base side, while the same can be said for the odd numbered sections 27-39. Most sections in this location have between 16 and 22 rows of seating, and also have just 8 seats per row, making it easy and convenient to get in and out of your seat even if you find yourself in the middle. The front rows of these sections are referred to as Field Box VIP due to the better views closer to the field, while the last rows are just referred to as Infield Box. Field level seats provide excellent views on the lowest tier of the stadium, but have limited shade potential on sunny days.