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"There is not a bad seat in the house."

I have sat every where from private boxes to the last row in the balcony.

"Zero-point-zero bad seats here"

I've had seats that are literally in the last row and I've had seats so close that I swear I could smell Shaq, and you get what you pay for.

"I think the first tier seats are great here with good views from most places. "
"Behind the back board seats offer a limited view of the game."

You can pretty much only see the action at your end of the court and have to watch the rest on the jumbo TV above center court. However there is a lot of intensity and excitement behind the back board which you do not get in other seats. When the opposing team is shooting free throws the crowd goes nuts and usually Lucky the mascot is always over there with the fans. My suggestion would be to sit a little farther away and sit closer to center court if your looking for a great view of the game.

"I find the Premium seats to be the star."

Iin suite bathrooms and much better food and alcohol selection.


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