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  • Upper Deck Infield is an OK seating location.
  • Upper Deck Infield SeatingLocated on Wrigley Field's upper deck and running from first base through third base is the Upper Deck Infield seating location. The Upper Deck Box seats are located in the first 10 to 12 rows from the front of the upper level offering great views of the entire field, the scoreboard, and even get you closer to the field than some of the Terrace Reserved seats located beneath on Wrigley's lower tier. Located behing the Upper Deck Box is the Upper Deck Reserved (separated by a walkway between), which are the highest and furthest set back seats at Wrigley Field. While these seats offer good shade thanks to the roof located above, they also run the risk of obstructed view due to the beams support the roof and stadium lights. All of the beams in the Upper Reserved seating are located at the first row, and almost all are directly next to the walkway aisle seats (seats 1 and 101), so fans are advised to consider seats near the middle of these seating aisles to avoid the obstructions.
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