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  • Club Level Outfield is a great seating location.
  • Club Level Outfield SeatingOn the closest tier to the field and running between the bases and the foul poles is the Club Level Outfield seating location. Aisles 4-10 are located on the left field side (closest to the Cubs dugout) and aisles 33-39 are located on the right field side. Fans lucky enough to sit in the first few rows of Aisles 6-8 will find themselves in the closest seating area of the Cubs bullpen and have a very impressive view of the relief pitchers and bullpen catchers as they warm up. On the right field side, Aisles 36-38 are located directly behind the visitor bullpen, offering similar impressive views of the warm up activities. Seats in aisles 4 and 6 in left field and aisles 38 and 39 in right field are well angled towards the pitchers mound resulting in less head turning to watch the majority of the plays in the infield.
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  • Most seats in this section are pretty close to the field.

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