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Section 146 Seating Overview

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  • Lower Level Sideline is a great seating location.
  • Lower Level Sideline SeatingWith its close proximity to the field and prime location along both sidelines, the Lower Level Sideline seating location is home to some of the most expensive tickets in Sun Life Stadium. These sections extend all the way down to the field level to give very close views of the action. Sitting in sections 114 or 142 in this seating location are the most desirable spots in the whole stadium because of the excellent views from the 50 yard line. Four teams of Miami Dolphins cheerleaders will cheer on the team along the sidelines and near the corners just in front of sections 110-112, 116-118, 138-140, and 144-146. Sections in this location are large with 32 numbered rows of seating in each, with most rows have 24 seats per row (exceptions in rows 28-32 and corner-most sections).
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  • Most seats in this section are pretty close to the field.

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