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Section 6 Row 70
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  • B
    First Row
  • 77
    Last Row
  • 79
    Total Rows
  • Sideline is a great seating location.
  • Sideline SeatingThe sideline location runs between the goal and 40 yard lines, and consist of sections 2, 3, 6, 7, 16, 17, 20, and 21. Fans will experience the game as it moves from East to West from their seats, and while not directly at midfield, the viewing angles will still be some of the best available.

    The Rose Bowl features large sections which run from field level to the very last row of the stadium, so fans are advised to be cautious of Row numbers when purchasing tickets. As you enter the section, you will find your self at Row 25, leaving a 52 row walk up to the very last row, and as much as a 35 row walk down to field level.

    Lettered rows are located at the front of most sections here, running in reverse order from the field (letters further down in the alphabet will be closer to the field). Numbered seating follows behind Row A, which extend all the way to the top of the stadium at Row 77. As you face the field, Seat 1 will be the first on the left of the aisle, while Seat 101 is the first to the right of the aisle.
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  • Most seats in this section are very close to the field.
  • These seats are behind the Home Team sideline.
  • Fan ratings of these seats are favorable overall.

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