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Section 338 Seating Overview

  • A
    First Row
  • QQ
    Last Row
  • 45
    Total Rows
  • Upper Level Sideline is an OK seating location.
  • Upper Level Sideline SeatingAlong the sidelines of the highest tier of the stadium are the Upper Level Sideline seating sections. Being at the very top of the stadium makes these seats some of the cheapest midfield Seahawks tickets available.

    Entry tunnels located between Row E and Row G divide the sections into a lower and upper portion, causing Rows A through E to be some of the most sought after options (Rows A-E in sections 306-312 and 332-338 are designated as Charter seats due to the additional benefits available to season ticket holders here).

    Sections in this location have between 37 and 44 lettered rows, with single letter rows- being closest to the front.
    All Upper Level Sideline Seating
  • Most seats in this section are pretty far from the field.

Section 338 Seating Chart With Rows

Row A Row ARow BRow CRow DRow ERow E1 Row E1Row E2Row G Row GRow HRow IRow JRow KRow LRow MRow NRow P Row PRow QRow RRow SRow TRow URow VRow WRow XRow YRow ZRow AA Row AARow BBRow CCRow DDRow EERow FFRow GGRow HHRow IIRow JJRow KKRow LLRow MMRow NNRow PP Row PPRow QQ Row QQFrontBack

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