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  • A Deck Sideline is a great seating location.
  • A Deck Sideline SeatingLocated behind the sidelines in a prime elevated location is the A Deck Sideline seating area. Seats here are not as close to the field as those in AA Deck sections, but will have a better elevation above field level, providing excellent angles which allow fans to see the entire field.

    These sections consist of bleacher bench seating, making it a less comfortable option due to the lack of back support. The A Deck Sideline seating location does not have 50 yard line sections behind the Ohio State Sideline due to the Club sections taking up that premium viewing area.

    These sections are large with 37 numbered rows, but will still provide great views of the action whether at the front or back of the section.
    All A Deck Sideline Seating
  • Rows 35-37 in this section are under cover.
  • This section is located at midfield.
  • Most seats in this section are very close to the field.
  • Fan ratings of these seats are favorable overall.

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