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Section 2 Row 20
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Seating Overview

  • AA
    First Row
  • 20
    Last Row
  • 22
    Total Rows
  • Floor Baseline is a good seating location.
  • Floor Baseline SeatingBaseline seats on the Floor at Madison Square Garden are among the more over-rated seats at Madison Square Garden for a Knicks Game. In Sections 1-3 and 7-9, the Rows AA (first row) and A are part of the exclusive Delta Sky 360 Club, which comes with free food and non-alcoholic drinks. And Rows 9 and lower are part of the Club Gold which comes with in-seat wait service and access to the Club Bar and Grill.

    Despite the upscale amenities in the front rows of these sections, the view of the court is very poor for lower level seats because the basket obstructs many of the views. An even bigger issue is the lack of height in rows 10 and above. This makes the other side of the court seem very far away and it makes seeing over other fans very difficult for shorter individuals. Choosing a comparably-priced seat in a 100-level location is often the better decision.
    All Floor Baseline Seating
  • This section is located behind the basket.
  • Most seats in this section are pretty close to the court.
  • Rows 3-9 are a part of the Baseline Club. ( Games)
  • Baseline ClubBaseline club seating is found in Rows 3-9 of Sections 1-3 and 7-9. These club seats are considered Club Gold and come with access to the Club Bar and Grill, in-seat wait service and a private entrance to the arena.
    All Club and Premium Seating
  • Not recommended for seeing the action.

Section 2 Seating Chart With Rows

Row AARow ARow 1 Row 1Row 2Row 3Row 4Row 5Row 6Row 7Row 8Row 9Row 10Row 11Row 12Row 13Row 14Row 15Row 16Row 17Row 18Row 19Row 20 Row 20FrontBack

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