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Section 15 Seating Overview

  • 1
    First Row
  • 93
    Last Row
  • 99
    Total Rows
  • Endzone is a good seating location.
  • Endzone SeatingBehind the west endzone in the stadium is the Endzone seating location. The stadium is bowl shaped, meaning there is no upper deck, so some of the seats in this location are very close to the action, while others are far back and more similar to an upper deck. All of the seats in this location are best for watching plays on the near side of the field. The east end of the field is very far away from this location and it can be very difficult to see. Viewers in this location have a good view of the uprights to determine for themselves whether a field goal is made or missed. These uprights also can create a small obstruction that can block some of the views of the playing field for some of the seats. These sections are very large with 93 numbered rows.
    All Endzone Seating
  • Most seats in this section are pretty far from the field.

Section 15 Seating Chart With Rows

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