SECTION 449 2.4/5.0 SeatScore™

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About This Section


Pros and Cons

  • Located in an OK seating zone
  • Most seats here are pretty far from the field

Upper Level Corner

Section 449 is a part of this seating zone

One of the farthest seating locations from the action on the top level in all four corners of the field is the Upper Level Corner seating location. While bette continue reading...

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Ticket Prices and Deals in Section 449

Best Deals

In and around Section 449
  • Showing deals for all Redskins games
  • Section 406, Row 5
    100/100 Deal Rating
    November 13 - Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins
  • Section 449, Row 7
    100/100 Deal Rating
    September 18 - Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins
  • Section 410, Row 1
    99/100 Deal Rating
    November 20 - Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins
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Cheapest Tickets

In and around Section 449
Showing tickets for Aug 19 - NFL Preseason - New York Jets at Washington Redskins

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