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Section 152 Seating Overview

  • C
    First Row
  • RR
    Last Row
  • 37
    Total Rows
  • Lower Level Endzone is a great seating location.
  • Lower Level Endzone SeatingBehind the endzones on the lowest level of the field is the Lower Level Endzone seating location. These sections have a good view of the near side of the field, but the other end can be difficult to see. The field goal posts may provide a small obstruction to the view of the action, but viewers in sections 127 and 154 will have the best view in the dome to determine if a field goal is made or missed. Most sections in this location contain a lower portion (rows A-U) which is closer to the field, and an upper portion (rows AA-OO) located above the entry tunnel to the section. Sections 102 and 129 are the only seating options in this location which do not extend down to the field, containing only the upper rows (AA-OO).
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  • Most seats in this section are pretty close to the field.

Section 152 Seating Chart With Rows

Row C Row CRow DRow ERow FRow GRow HRow IRow JRow KRow LRow MRow NRow ORow PRow QRow RRow SRow TRow URow AA Row AARow BBRow CCRow DDRow EERow FFRow GGRow HHRow IIRow JJRow KKRow LLRow MMRow NNRow OORow PPRow QQRow RR Row RRFrontBack

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