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Row G

About This Section


Pros and Cons

  • Rows T-Z are under cover
  • Rows U-Z are shaded during early afternoon games
  • Rows W-Z are shaded during late afternoon games
  • Located in a below average seating zone
  • Not recommended for children and families

Outfield Pavilion

Section 309 is a part of this seating zone

The Outfield Pavilion is best for fans who don't mind sitting in the sun for day games, and prefer a cheaper price tag with a chance of catching a treasured hom continue reading...

  • "The Dodger Bullpen is near Section 301." - Section 301
  • "The Dodgers Bullpen is to the Right of Section 301" - Sit in a higher number seat (8 or 9) in Section 301 to be close to the Dodgers bullpen. - Section 301
  • "The Visitor Bullpen is to the Right of Section 52" - Sit in a higher number seat (7-10) in Section 302 to be close to the Visitor bullpen. - Section 302

Not Recommended for Children and Families

Avoid Sections 301, 303, 305, 307, 309, -5 More
  • Hot in the sun with no overhanging protection
  • Far from concession options
  • Long walk to get to restrooms

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