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Section 337 Row 12
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Section 337 Seating Overview

  • A
    First Row
  • 20
    Last Row
  • 26
    Total Rows
  • Upper Level Infield is an OK seating location.
  • Upper Level Infield SeatingThe first five rows of sections 321-337 are called Club seats and come with small comfort upgrades, including padded seats (bottom only) and a little more width. Unfortunately, an overhang only protects the last five rows from rain or sun. Sections 321-328 will see the shade first for late afternoon and evening games. Sections 321-324 are known for their impressive views of the Detroit skyline and the main scoreboard in Left Field. Despite being behind home plate, fans have complained about the railings and plexiglass in sections 327 and 328. Treat the kids to Little Caesars and Dippin Dots in Section 334 or indulge with a daiquiri from section 330.
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  • Rows A-F are a part of the Upper Box Club Seats. ( Games)
  • Upper Box Club SeatsThe Upper Box Club seats are located in the front (lettered) rows of Sections 321-337 on the upper seating tier. Ticketholders will have wider padded seating just below the section entry tunnel, with some of the best sight lines on the upper deck from behind home plate.
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Section 337 Seating Chart With Rows

Row A Row ARow BRow CRow DRow ERow FRow 1 Row 1Row 2Row 3Row 4Row 5Row 6Row 7Row 8Row 9Row 10Row 11Row 12Row 13Row 14Row 15Row 16Row 17Row 18Row 19Row 20 Row 20FrontBack

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