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Section 331 Row 15
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Section 331 Seating Overview

  • A
    First Row
  • 18
    Last Row
  • 23
    Total Rows
  • View Level Outfield is an OK seating location.
  • View Level Outfield SeatingThe View Level is located on the highest tier of AT&T Park and houses some of the more affordable seating at the ballpark. The Outfield sections will have some of the furthest views of the field, and on the third base side will be exposed to the sun for the longest during day games. Sections closer to the infield on the left field side will have the best views of McCovey Cove, while the right field side will have better views of the Bay Bridge and score board in left center field. At the front of the View Level Infield sections is the View Box which will have 7 lettered rows of seating (Rows A-G), and at the back is the View Reserve (Rows 1-18).
    All View Level Outfield Seating
  • Rows 12-18 in this section are under cover.
  • Most seats in this section are pretty far from the field.
  • Recommended for children and families.
  • Fan ratings of these seats are neutral overall.

Section 331 Seating Chart With Rows

Row A Row ARow BRow CRow DRow 1 Row 1Row 2Row 3Row 4Row 5Row 6Row 7Row 8Row 9Row 10Row 11Row 12Row 13Row 14Row 15Row 16Row 17Row 18 Row 18FrontBack

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