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What Amenities Are Included With Club Seats?

Club Seats: Club Seats at Progressive Field include access to the climate-controlled Club Lounge, along with all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages. The lounge includes comfortable seating, televisions and a menu that changes daily. In addition to exclusive amenities, fans will find a few other bonuses when seated here. Among these are great views into the Indians dugout and of the main scoreboard in left field.

Dugout Suites: The Dugout Suites at Progressive Field are literally dug out of the ground and have you just at field level between the dugouts. The Suites offer full amenities, including private restrooms, available food service and private entrances. If you want to be on TV at an Indians game, these seats are well-known for making 9-inning celebrities out of the fans seated in them.

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Shaded/Covered Seating

Third Base Side of Field Gets Shade First. Home plate at Progressive Field faces slightly Northeast, which means that seats on the third base side of the field will see shade first during late afternoon and evening games -- especially seats further down the 3B line (162-172). Right Field seats will see the sun the longest. In particular, sections 303-317 and 504-514 will be exposed until the sun sets completely under the stadium. The Upper Level overhang is little match during afternoon games, but it does help protect fans during the late afternoon and evening.

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Seats to Avoid

Impressing a GuestSections 176 and 177
  • In the corner of the stadium with a tough angle to see the game
  • Section is pushed back and does not extend all the way to the field
  • No chance to have an impressive seats in the front row next to the field
Seeing the ActionSections 504, 507, 509, 511 and 514
  • Highest level of seating and very far from the field
  • Some of the farthest seats from home plate
  • Can get very hot from the lack of shade

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Section 162 is behind the Indians dugout
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