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First Niagara Center Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out how many rows are in my section at First Niagara Center?

Click over to our First Niagara Center seating chart with rows to find your section. Click your section to learn which is the first row in the section, how the rows are labeled and how many rows of seating are in the section.

Where is the Sabres bench at First Niagara Center?

The Sabres bench is located in front of Sections 104 and 105. The visiting team bench at First Niagara Center is in front of Sections 105 and 106. Our First Niagara Center Benches page will list all sections behind the benches and allow you to read reviews, see in-seat photos and buy tickets from these seats.

Which side of the ice do the Sabres shoot twice?

There are 9 sections on the side of the ice where the Sabres shoot twice. For a complete list of sections, and to see photos and buy tickets on this end of the ice, head to the Sabres Shoot Twice page.

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