2014 Cotton Bowl Seating Guide & Tickets


Oklahoma State vs. Missouri



AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium), ​Arlington, ​TX


Cotton Bowl Information:

Buy 2014 Cotton Bowl Tickets off the AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) interactive seating chart to compare ticket prices, read seating overviews and view in-seat photos.

2013-2014 Bowl Game Seating & Tickets

Seating at AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium)

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Lower Level

Close to Midfield


Midfield sections at AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) will give you the best chance to see the entire field for a College Football game. Sitting at or near the 50 yard-line makes it easier to see both ends of the field at AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium)

Missouri Sideline


Fans of Missouri are encouraged to buy tickets in these sections and on this side of the field.

Oklahoma State Sideline


Fans of Oklahoma State are encouraged to buy tickets in these sections and on this side of the field.

Hall of Fame Club


The Hall of Fame Club is home to some of the best College Football tickets available at AT&T Stadium (formerly Cowboys Stadium). Located along the sidelines and on the lowest tier of the stadium, these seats offer some of the best sight lines in the stadium. Fans will enjoy the impressive view from their sideline seat, while also benefiting from the additional amenities that come with club seating which include wider padded seats, private entrance, access to upscale club lounges, and a chance to watch the players walk through the concourse before taking the field. Fans can sit directly behind the home team players bench in sections C109-C112, while the visiting team bench is located just in front of sections C134-137. Sections in the Hall of Fame Club have 21 numbered rows of seating with the entry tunnels located at the very front.

Hall of Fame Endzone


Home to the closest non-suite seating behind the endzones are the Hall of Fame Endzone seats. Sections 101, 120, 126, 145, and 146 run closer to the field level with rows 1 through 22, while the remaining sections are set further back due to the endzone field suites located just in front leaving rows 8 through 22 available for regular seating. Fans will have great views of scoring plays, however will be blocked from the impressively large video board which faces the sidelines (endzone facing videoboards are significantly smaller).

Hall of Fame Corner


On the stadium's lowest tier between the sidelines and endzones are the 10 sections which comprise the Hall of Fame Corner seating location. These seats offer some of the closest views of scoring plays in the near endzone and provide a combination of sight lines that allow fans to catch the north south and east west movement. These corner sections have between 21 and 22 numbered rows of seating, with the entrance tunnels located at the very top of the section.

Main Level Club


For many fans in Dallas, the Main Level Club offers some of the best seats at Cowboys Stadium (AT&T Stadium). Perfectly elevated midfield views along the sideline, impressive club benefits, and one of the best views of record breaking video board keep these seats in high demand. Wider padded seats, private entrances, access to premium club lounges, upscale food and beverage including the Maker's Mark bar, quick easy access to the main level concourse, these seats offer all the conveniences and comforts a fan could want. Sections in this location feature between 12 and 14 numbered rows of seating, with sections C210 and C235 being among our favorites due to their location on the 50 yard line.

Main Level Endzone


Located on the second tier up from the playing surface, the 200 Level Endzone sections provide fans with a close view of touchdowns from behind the line of scrimmage. Fans will be limited to viewing the smaller endzone video board only, but will have great access to the main concourse amenities. Comprised of 12 sections (6 at each endzone) seating in this location provides a more intimate feel with just 15 rows in each section (row 1 closest). Section 223 is the exception at 13 total rows, with Row 13 featuring handicap accessibility.

Main Level Corner


Between the sidelines and endzones on Cowboys Stadium's second and main level is the Main Level Corner seats. Being on the main level provides fans with quick and easy access to all the amenities available on the primary concourse, while keeping fans on the lower half of the stadium. From the Main Level Corner, fans will have a unique advantage of being able to view both the sideline and endzone video boards which offer a great opportunity to catch replays and highlights if you missed it on the field. Sections in this location have up to 15 numbered rows of seating, making for quick trips to the concourse for restrooms and concessions.

Mezzanine Club


The highest of the club seating options at Cowboys Stadium are the Mezzanine Level Club sections. Running along the sidelines of the stadium, these seats sit on the third tier of the stadium and offer an elevated viewing angle for very good sight lines to all ends of the field. In addition to the club amenities which include wider padded seats, private entrance, and access to premium upscale lounges, these seats will have amazing views of the legendary sideline facing video board. Steeper seating than the club seating options located lower on the stadium, but with just 16 numbered rows in each section it will still be easy for fans to get to and from their seats.

Mezzanine Endzone


Located just above the 200 (Main) Level endzone seats on the Cowboys Stadium seating chart, but much higher up in vantage point are the Mezzanine Endzone seats. These sections have just 5 numbered rows of seating, making for some of the easiest access to and from the seats, however due to the open air concourses below these seats are set further back compared to other 300 level seating. Fans will have good views of the smaller endzone facing videoboard, but will not be able to see the large sideline facing videoboards at all. With just 5 rows of seating per section, these seats are a great options for fans that prefer quick easy access in and out of their seats.

Mezzanine Corner


Third tier up from the playing field and angled between the sidelines and endzones. Seating in the 300 Level corner gives fans a good vantage point of the endzones and scoring plays without being on the upper most level of the stadium. Corner seating here also provides fans with great views of both the sideline and endzone video boards, making these a great option for fans that love watching the replays on the big screen. Most sections in the 300 Level Corner location contain 17 rows of seating (with row 1 being closest to the front). Section 328 offers 14 rows of seating with Row 7 being designated for handicap access.

Upper Level Sideline


400 Level Sideline seating is home to the most affordable midfield tickets at AT&T Stadium (formerly known as Cowboys Stadium). Located on the highest tier and featuring the most amount of rows in the stadium (maxing out at 28 rows), these seats are a good option for fans on a budget that still want to enjoy decent views, which they can get from either watching the field or the massive videoboard that will seem to be at eye level from this level of the stadium. Sections on this upper level are divided into a lower and upper portion by a walkway and entrance tunnels, with rows 1-6 located closest to the field in the lower seating rows 9-30 located above.

Upper Level Endzone


While offering a more intimate setting with just 5 numbered rows of seating, the Upper Level Endzone has some of the least desirable views at Cowboys Stadium (AT&T Stadium). On the very highest tier up from the field, behind the endzones, and blocked from the larger sideline videoboards, these seats have the furthest of any views at the stadium. The endzone videoboards are adequate, however from this distance fans might find themselves wishing they had the big board to stay in touch with all the details on the field.

Upper Level Corner


Fans looking for cheap tickets at AT&T Stadium will find them in the Upper Level Corner sections. At the highest level of the stadium and tucked between the sidelines and endzones, fans will have a decent view of scoring plays at the near endzone, but might start to feel far from the action as the ball moves towards the opposite end of the field. However with the advantage of being able to view both the sideline and endzone videoboards, fans still can catch all the details on the big screens. Sections in this location feature a total of 20-25 rows, with rows 1-6 being located in the lower portion of the sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Which sideline is Oklahoma State on for the 2014 Cotton Bowl?"

Oklahoma State is sitting on the visitor sideline in front of Sections C134, C135, C136, C137. Fans of Oklahoma State are encouraged to buy tickets in these sections and on this side of the field.

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"Which sideline is Missouri on for the 2014 Cotton Bowl?"

Missouri is sitting on the home sideline in front of Sections C109, C110, C111, C112. Fans of Missouri are encouraged to buy tickets in these sections and on this side of the field.

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"How many rows of seating are in each section at AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium)?"

Each section has a different number of rows and the first and last row in each section is different. Find your section on the full-screen AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) interactive seating chart to learn what the row layout is like for your section.

AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) Interactive Seating Chart

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